Every single day we commit to maintain high-quality standards in order to obtain maximum efficiency from our systems and full satisfaction of our clients. 
Studio Querci is certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards for the design and management of works on thermo-technical and fire prevention systems, consultancy and management of workplace safety, management of fire prevention, acoustics and environmental survey procedures, energy dispersion calculations for buildings, thermo-graphic inspections and infrared scanning, drafting of reports and technical advice, design and delivery of training activities.

Gentile cliente,

Volevamo informati che lo Studio Tecnico Querci rimarrà chiuso dal giorno 12 Agosto al giorno 16 Agosto per ferie estive.

Gli uffici riapriranno regolarmente il giorno 19 Agosto.

Lo Studio Tecnico Querci ti augura buone Vacanze!


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