In the field of infrared thermography, our firm conducts surveys and monitoring activities in the industrial and civil sector.

Our specialized operators are able to draft thermographic analysis reports meant to verify the energy performance levels of the buildings.

This technique is also useful for analyses of the thermo-hygrometric regime of walls, localization of hidden pipes, site debugging and efficiency analysis and leakage hunting for underfloor heating systems.

In the industrial sector we check couplings or stators of electric motors and pumps and also perform preventive maintenance for electrical equipment, taking pride in having clients throughout the country.

In accordance with article 86 of DLGS 81/08, the employer has an obligation to assess the risks related to the operation and maintenance of electrical equipment, in order to guarantee its safety and efficiency.

To this end we conduct analyses focused on monitoring and preventive maintenance, that allow any possible issues to be identified and evaluated with no need to disconnect the equipment, thus avoiding expensive damages and averting potentially dangerous situations.